Go back to the old duplicate function (v2.4.9) or gives us an option in how we want to use it.
Hi, the latest update changed the way the duplicate scene feature works. It now duplicates the scene EXACTLY as before including all timings, delays, etc. While this may be helpful in some cases (like between projects which I believe is a new feature as well), it's a pain when you need to duplicate slides in a sequence to build certain effects. For example, when using subtitles where you want the slide content to remain the same but have a fresh subtitle appear over it. When this happens, you have to go through each asset and manually change the durations and delays to 0. Likewise, you must change the exit transition to none and so on. It truly is a pain. The old way worked beautifully. An idea would be to have an option pop up asking if we want to preserve timings, exit transitions, etc. Thanks for considering this request.

Pamela Dimmick shared this idea 18/05/20 21:49