Greater diversity of characters
Need way more diversity in age, race, and heritage across all character types, but especially in what I would call "business casual." Not necessarily suits, but definitely not midriff-baring women. You have "young hotties" and "old codgers." Seriously? Come on - get some artists who know how to draw vibrant people 40 and above, of all races.

Heidi Wise shared this idea 28/11/18 21:25
Admin 29/11/18 01:37
Please submit a vote for this here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/28/visibly-ethnic-people-and-people-of-color You can include those additional details in the comment section.
Ellen Fitzenrider 31/01/19 14:52
Hello: I would also like to request this, specifically for children. There are several ethnicities in adults (can always use more), there are very few options for children.