Exporting or sharing of Doodly Files
I suggest that Doodly consider making an easy way for people to share the Doodly file so that they can edit on another machine easily, or can share with another Doodly user. The current version of Doodly (v1.18.4 on my machine) allows me to export a Doodly as a video, but there is no obvious way for me to export the Doodly file to allow someone else to edit it on their machine or for me to edit it on another machine). Use case scenario 1: My very first Doodly is a video to help advertise a fundraiser that our PTA runs to raise money for our neighborhood elementary school. It happens that this is a fairly popular fundraiser that other PTAs (and other neighborhood groups, like sports clubs) also use to raise money. It would be great if there was a way I could share my file with other groups in a manner that would allow them to edit it (changing the website or adjusting the prices). Use case scenario 2: I purchased the Enterprise Membership and can use Doodly on more than one machine. It is not obvious how I can share my creations between machines, or save a backup to my personal cloud storage. Thank you for considering my request!

Jeff Schaefer shared this idea 29/11/18 07:48
Amine Zgarni 03/03/22 22:13
This is a must. I don't see why is the doodly team not taking action on this feature or not communicating about an obvious necessity for their clients.
Robert Nagel 04/03/19 16:36
Yes, agreed! I need to share the source file with colleagues.
Minyoung Choi 20/05/19 19:07
yes, please. Just recently developed a video that could be shared globally if the video can be easily be voiced over in multiple languages. It would be very helpful if the videos could be shared as project files where others can open up on their machine to dub over wherever they are. Thank you.
Rufino 21/01/20 17:05
An associate of mine created a partial Doodly video and I would like to finish it instead of using his account. It would be nice to have the ability to import a Doodly video for shared projects (rather than using the same account).
Rodney Matsushima 10/05/20 15:49
This is a must feature that would be a bug plus!
Ethan 30/08/20 15:51
This will help a lot !
Andy 24/09/20 23:43
YES!!!!! In a mess of confusion my original doodly account is seperate to my enterprise account, and I need to be able to move my videos across. Thanks!
Sylvain Boulé 09/10/20 16:06
That can be use to backup my projects and also to transfer them to a new PC when I change. This feature is a MUST!
Cassie Zwart 02/11/20 14:38
Disappointed that this isn’t a feature already. It seems like an obvious thing to do. I have a license and a friend has a license. He created a video and I would like to use parts of it, instead I have to recreate from scratch or ask him to make a new version with my changes. This is inefficient.
Denis 13/12/20 00:45
Agree, plus also related to https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/25/offline-mode
Branislav Marko 12/01/21 06:17
Michael Hu 28/01/21 04:29
I would suggest that the import / export format be a JSON file. A project would be an array of scenes, and a scene would be an array of assets. An asset would be a JSON object of attributes like position and duration. Users can import / export JSON projects in the project list, and import / export scenes within a Doodly video by right mouse clicking a scene. This solves, or is a contributor to solving multiple Doodly requests: - Save to hard drive: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/233/save-to-hard-drive - Offline mode: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/25/offline-mode - Import/Export text only: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/816/import-export-text-only Having save files as a human and machine readable format like JSON enables a huge number of use cases: - Checking Doodly project and scene files into source control for backup, versioning and sharing purposes - Sharing files within a company. I would want employees to work off a base template each with their own Doodly account rather than all of them share one account and possibly modifying projects they should not have access to. This will allow companies to have multiple employees work on Doodly videos rather than just one, motivating us to buy multiple Doodly licenses. It could be the difference between companies buying one Doodly license or several each. - Open sourcing Doodly files for charities (ie: the original request), and for documenting how to use open source software - Automating many tasks, such as: - Replacing or resizing fonts - Localizing text and audio files - Replacing visual assets for diversity considerations - Replacing logos and backgrounds - Merging, re-ordering, and splitting scenes - Automating the timing of asset entrances according to a captions timing file (this would save us days of work since we generate a closed captions timing file for YouTube anyways) - Generating a captions timing file from asset and scene entrance timings - Placing and distributing assets according to a theme or canvas size - etc, etc Basically, if you allow the import / export of projects and scenes to a human and computer readable format such as JSON, then you would foster the development of a developer community around Doodly. This would be a huge marketing coup and generate goodwill for Doodly, while reducing development costs as you enable developers to implement their own automation solutions and share them with the open source community. It would also empower team and community based Doodly creation work-flows rather than just individual ones, thus speeding up content creation and fostering community marketing and networking.
Brandi Bullock 28/03/21 14:15
It's 2021... why is this still not available? Seems like a basic functionality necessity for any type of creation software. Design teams need this - PLEASE :)
Adeel Muzaffar 25/07/21 05:58
Yes we really need this feature. Me and my wife work on doodly to educate medical students. We really need to work simultaneously on projects and there is no way I can share her project files on my PC.
Tiago 08/08/21 00:36
This is a basic feature and its really inhibiting the ability to work on different laptops as well as collaborate. Please consider implementing this as part of your next release.
Steve P 03/09/21 07:57
Totally agree, action this doodly!!
Kerry Smith 03/09/21 11:13
i agree
Edu 04/09/21 21:28
1st>~~~ I just lost almost 6 hours of work because an unidentify fail. Can’t save and can’t export. LOST WORK, TIME, MONEY… 2nd>~~~If we can save at the computer a file which, at least, will be able to upload again and keep editing, we will NOT be able: to protect our job, creates a market of templates, and many other advantages for everybody AND be independent and free of censure. If you know what I mean?!? 3rd>~~~I can’t see any other reason than CONTROL FREAK to be absolutely dependent of: 1-Internet, 2-Doodly cloud…, 3-Under the insecurity to loose months or years of work because you can lost the data. So if you aren’t another Big Tech with the same ideas of CONTROL of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, … you should put together tomorrow this features available. Or… start to die as a company when the people awake… and the people are awakening.
Magnus Müller 03/11/21 08:23
Since i just lost a presentation by overwriting it, i would really like to get this feature. Besides collaboration having a backup is a major concern. Doodly cannot restore a previous version of a file. I hope they can recover the current state in case of a cloud failure.