Simpler Custom Path Creation
I just used photoshop to create a video doodle. Using real time screen capture and the eraser tool to rub out a white overlay which revealed my pre-drawn scene. Maybe you could do something like this, instead of having us fiddle with paths.?It was 10 x faster to create and much easier to voice over and capture. I used xSplit broadcaster to capture the Photoshop frame and stream my desktop to a local file. I just created the white overlay, set my eraser size, and rubbed out the overlay to reveal what was underneath. Meanwhile I spoke into the mic, and was able to reveal the scene as fast or as slow as I wanted to keep up perfectly with the monologue. Cant you just create a bitmap overlay and record us erasing it as we talk? then lay that down on the time line so we can cut/paste/move it?

paul reynolds shared this idea 27/05/20 12:51