Flamingo vs. Ibis (Props)
Talk about a low priority request, this is it! The pictures associated with either the "White Ibis" or the "Flamingo" appear to be swapped. This was raised in a comment on my first video posted to the Facebook group. Not being a bird-ologist, I accepted and used the prop that appeared when I searched "Flamingo." It was pointed out in the comments that the bird appeared to actually be that of an Ibis. Sure enough, when I searched Props for an ibis, what appeared looks closer to a flamingo! Anyway, my suggestion is that you swap those two labels. At some point. When you get bored with all of the other requests. For reference: - Wikipedia entry on the American Flamingo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_flamingo - Wikipedia entry on the White Ibis: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_white_ibis Thank you!

Jeff Schaefer shared this idea 29/11/18 08:37
Admin 03/12/18 13:58
It looks like this is corrected. If you are still seeing it incorrectly, please submit this to su[email protected]