Change the FPS
I believe it would be essential to have the preview video and the final video are the same quality. For example, when I preview the video it would be on 10 FPS ( i got this from the Support team) however when you export the video you have the lowest one option as 24FPS. You would get disappointed after you have put many hours in this video to get the final pieces but when you get what you were not expecting you'd be gutted. I believe this would solve many problems for many users and adding this feature without changing anything it would benefit all of us :) Thank you for your amazing support

Bassel Ajouri shared this idea 28/05/20 19:42
Admin 30/05/20 23:40
Hi! This feature has already been requested here. https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/779/option-for-higher-fps-previews