Movement of images after drawn
I guess I'm not the only one asking this. It would be great to have movement of specific images, such as a world globe spinning once its drawn. Thanks!

Arturo Borzutzky shared this idea 29/11/18 10:06
Miguel Jose Silva Pereira Fernandes Homem 30/12/18 00:33
It will be a very good idea
Lewis Qu 05/05/20 11:50
It will make the video so much more vivid and attract especially have it in color!
Louis 07/07/20 17:40
This request is similar to what I added. I did not see this when I queried. There should be some asset movement, such as fly in. PPT has it. Open PPT, insert an image. Go to animation tab. Select image and fly in mode. Hit preview. In the attached video which uses a whiteboard app you can see the asset move. This should not require multiple screens to integrate. I do not know the APP, but if you watch attached video between 20-40 seconds you will see a basic asset movement. This is not a pan movement and I cannot imagine that multiple screens are required. It is as basic or common as erase, fade in or fade out. In this case a pair of tennis shoes moving at a speed across the screen, followed by a car moving across the screen at a faster speed. https://youtu.be/anJFf9pN16g
Geoff Robertson 13/08/20 06:02
To be able to move objects on keyframes would make a lot of sense. To scale them... e.g. train moving closer to screen. Please.
Pete Tashkoff 27/11/20 17:55
Doodly supports animated gifs. If you add an animated Gif of a spinning globe it will do as you ask.