Inserting new scene
When I have a video with quite some scenes and I want to insert a new scene after an existing one early in the video I have two options: (1) Go to the plus sign at the end of the video and add a new scene and then move it to the correct location. Moving it is not really a very handy way of working if you have many scenes. (2) Duplicate the previous scene. And then clean the scene, when lots of props this takes precious time. Both methods are taking unnecessary work. Suggestion: when clicking on a scene in the scene track - extra menu item called "New" should be available creating the new scene after the one you are on. Friendly greetings Eric

Eric shared this idea 08/06/20 12:29
Admin 09/06/20 10:56
Hi! This feature has already been implemented! Kindly update your app to the latest version. Thank you!