Prevent wipe before draw on items in actions tab
If you have a drawing of a computer screen, a flip-over or something else with an empty surface within the drawing, the wiping hand appears even though the new drawing is only within the empty space. It would be nice to be able to select that some items are drawn without showing the wiping hand first, and I think the natural place to put it would be a check box in the item setting (where the delay and duration is) in the actions tab.

Tore Bredeli Jørgensen shared this idea 18/06/20 08:10
Admin 18/06/20 09:31
Hi! You can disable the erase function in the settings of the application.
Tore Bredeli Jørgensen 18/06/20 21:26
Disabling it in the application settings prevent erase everywhere. I mostly want the eraser, but not when I'm adding a drawing in a blank area of another drawing. The way it is now, it is neccessary to take the video into a video editor to remove the unneccessary eraser animation.