snap to grid
The grid is helpful, but it would be much better if we could snap the upper-left corner of an asset to the nearest intersection of two grid lines. This would make precise alignment of two assets with the same size and shape much quicker and easier.

Robert Frazier shared this idea 18/10/18 17:38
John Tolwer 21/10/18 01:47 flag comment
As long as you could turn this feature on and off. Snap-to's are great until you are trying to fine tune the placement of an object. Then they become magnetic pains.
David Curley 06/12/18 20:22 flag comment
Essential feature in a modern graphical app, but even more so for animation apps. Lining objects up precisely is absolutely necessary for smooth animations. The grid is not a real substitute. Anyone coming from tools like Hype, Keynote, Screenflow, Pixelmator (actually, most graphical apps on Mac) will expect this for layouts and will be disappointed not to find it. Ideally snap could be adjusted as on these other tools with coarse and fine movements controlled by modifier keys.
Sonia Veelenturf 27/12/18 05:51 flag comment
Really need this, expecially trying to align text boxes and graphics that are consistent with previous frames.
LaVita Johnson Spears 27/12/18 05:52 flag comment
I agree. Snapping to grid or some sort of visual representation of automatic lines that pop up to help you to easily see whether you have objects centered or properly aligned as you would like them to be (angled or straight).
Alan Birkett 22/01/19 18:49 flag comment
This would save loads of time and fiddling about. Could you also allow users, to input directly, the exact width, height & x,y starting co-ordinates,, for a character or prop. Hopefully this would be easy to do (as those 4 values must be stored within the video’s properties anyway).
ANNIE HOWARD 07/02/19 06:21 flag comment
I'd love to be able to lock an asset after sizing it - I find they can easily shift out of place after stacking and taking so much care to size them!
Karen Loftus 23/02/19 00:39 flag comment
This is always a great feature in other tools I use, so yes, I support this one.
Ian Shere 20/03/19 13:29 flag comment
Just add align functions. I agree that "Snap to" is useful but it can be painfully annoying as well unless, as John Tolwer mentioned, you can turn it off as needed. Align is far more powerful.
Stephen Allen 23/04/19 03:22 flag comment
It would make it easier when trying to align/center items. The grid/ruler should have an on/off option.
Emily Barrell 07/05/19 14:07 flag comment