Increase the default value of Extra time at the end
The number one problem in nearly all first Doodlys is placing text on the screen at the end of a scene, and jumping to the next scene before anyone can read it. If you would change the default value for Extra time at the end from 0.5s to 3s, it would solve this. People can always decrease it later, if needed.

Robert Frazier shared this idea 30/11/18 14:33
David Curley 28/01/19 12:26
Related: I have requested that the enforced minimum time be removed or at least reduced, so allow for smoother step animation effects between scenes. Upvoting yours though, 0.5s is just too low.
Laurie J 09/09/21 02:29
I always automatically change every .5 exit scene to 1 sec and it is perfect. A few times I’ve had to increase to 1.5. 3 sec is way too long to hold on to the scenes I’m making - gotta keep things moving. 1 would be perfect.