Reposition the tracks at the bottom of the screen
Hello, I have been looking more in detail to ergonomics of the app. As I am using more and more panning and zooming together with voice-over I run into the following problem. You can't see both the zoom/panning track together with the voice-over track. This is quite frustrating and forces the user to use his mouse to visualize one of the two to position voice and zoom/pan. As the music tracks are most of the time something you add and seldomly change, it would be good to put these on the bottom. The most interactive need is to visualize the video action functionality - meaning zooming and panning and voice-over. Suggestion leave pan/zoom where it is. but put voice-over just below scene track. Maybe even better: allow the user to position the tracks depending on his way of working.

Eric shared this idea 01/07/20 09:38