Import and export
Allow for exporting and importing scenes, props and entire doodly videos. This would allow people to easily share with lots of people and not have to share individually by email. Simply download someones work and import. I want this feature so i can start working on a doodly store and sell assets.

Matt Horsley shared this idea 30/11/18 22:01
Admin 17/04/19 19:49
A similar request has already been posted. Please give it an upvote here - https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/150/exporting-or-sharing-of-doodly-files
Laurence Taylor 13/11/20 07:38
I think one should be able to create a clip like 10 or 11 seconds for instance, name it separately and then import that clip into another project of another name so that it have fit in perfectly in the new project and only add like 10 seconds. Respectfully, LT