Save as for template and new prouect baming
Why is there no "Save As" button? It is strange that there is no save as button available when working from a Template you use to start projects. Why not? To use a template I create to create a new video I am constantly in danger of either overwriting my template or overwriting an older video. What I want to do is open a template (15 second Facebook, for example) and then immediately rename it to my new project and then I can be sure I will not overwrite my template and have a working copy of my new project. As it stands if auto save Is activated I have lost my template or it saves into the last used save directory which is often not where I want my new project saved. The program should have a more intuitive file management program that emulates or uses the OS you are using, be it windows or Mac. I find having to be constantly on guard is disconcerting and causes me needles stress when I am hopping from Illustrator or photoshop to adjust my creative

Doug Kinsley shared this idea 08/07/20 04:39
Admin 10/07/20 06:12
Hi Doug, a similar request has already been posted, please make sure to upvote it here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/52/save-as In the meantime, you can create a video eg. your template and save it. Then if you're going to create a video with that template, you can just duplicate the video you created and the original video/template won't get affected on any changes you made on your new video.