Over the last several days, your Facebook site has been bombarded with requests to add more fonts. Like Word, Power Point, , Whatsapp and other platforms, they accept foreign language fonts and allow a user to toggle back and forth between the two languages. More languages, more opportunities to market your product to new markets. New markets means more growth. More growth means more revenue.

Jorge shared this idea 01/12/18 00:39
Marzena Rasmussen 05/01/19 15:36
Totally agree.. I have only one font I can use for my videos as the two others don't show polish diacritic signs like Ł, Ż, Ę etc I would also appreciate if word art had there options.
[email protected]om 26/04/20 15:09
Totally agree with Marzena, it's not the only question about the type of fonts but mainly diacritics...