More Basic Shapes
It would be nice to have more basic types of arrows (just a line with an arrowhead) in different directions rather than the big fancy ones. Also things like grids, more elongated rectangles, circles that look "sketched," and ways of adding emphasis (like clouds or starbursts that go around a textbox), changing the border color of a textbox (rather than having to put a shape over it that is translucent).

JoDi Osborn-Ward shared this idea 10/07/20 01:49
SamandChristy 07/08/20 10:26
Agreed, squares, shapes, anything. I am creating items in PowerPoint, saving them as a picture and uploading them as an object.
Fekri SALEH 11/10/20 12:59
With basic shapes I think it will be more flexible to draw Customs figures
Laurie 13/02/21 22:16
Also, having shapes available that are not filled in. I would like to use a rectangular outline to highlight a part of my drawing, but the shape is filled with white so it covers the drawing. Changing opacity makes the outline nearly invisible.