Have Entire Account Access at www.doodly.com
I didn't know where to categorize this and am perturbed I even have to write it to begin with. I just purchased your product. I cannot sign in to the main home page where you make the videos. By searching "doodly" on Google to find the LOGIN page, underneath your paid ad the results show the URL www.doodly.com and underneath that are LOGIN, PRICING, TUTORIALS, REVIEWS. If I click on LOGIN - I am brought to the marketplace LOGIN page. Not what I want. And when I login to the marketplace, nowhere on the marketplace homescreen does it give me a choice to navigate to the "My Video" homepage (or whatever you call it - the page to actually make the videos). I have also found that for some reason I had to register separately for the marketplace and support. I would think that by paying for your product I would EASILY be able to access everything from the main URL: www.doodly.com whether it be the video-making screen, the helpdesk, the marketplace, etc (without registering several times to access these pages) and that it would be EASY to navigate between these pages. Or I could be a complete moron (wouldn't be the first time) and I am doing something completely wrong trying to access the home page of my account. GRRRRR......!!!!!

Jon DeCamp shared this idea 16/07/20 03:37
Admin 17/07/20 01:28
Hi Jon! Sorry to hear you've been having trouble with this! To access your doodly account, please download the installer here: https://www.doodly.com/members/ then install it on your computer so you can use the login credentials that we've sent you. For further assistance, please email [email protected]