world-Ready Layout, south Asian and Middle Eastern, Unicode fonts of all languages
Hello Sir, I am waiting for last six months, Unicode fonts of all languages. actually I am using Indian languages Unicode fonts (Telugu, Hindi, etc..). I am using in different applications all are working, but this Doodly is not work (Telugu characters are not displayed correctly), World champions Doodler waiting for world-Ready Layout. (Unicode fonts of all languages). sir please use any google fonts, adobe fonts or Microsoft Azure Services, use any API or anything .. but you can succeed this. Sir, Please solve this issue.. I waiting for your solution of replies (update). not only me every doodler thankful your services for this achievement. world languages doodly videos.

sathibabu sijo shared this idea 18/07/20 15:14
Sijo Sathi Babu 20/07/20 19:27
Lots of paid subscribed people's are long waited update. Please consider this. Very useful for all...(Unicode fonts of all languages).
Sweekar Info Media 02/02/21 13:26
Today I purchased this software and thought it will support Unicode... all my videos required HINDI or Punjabi text... Great, if you add this support...
Sijo Sathi Babu 26/08/22 08:33
Hello Sir.. 18/07/20 15:14 Requested Not Complete Now 26-08-2022 13:42 Almost 2 years completed. (Toonly software supported Unicode fonts of all languages and I'm using, Please Sir Check this integration type and add to Doodly- Unicode fonts of all languages) Please Sir Check Project's Doodly, Toonly last Update release date. user Trust also important to buy New Project's/New released software's. I'm Purchased all your software's and Add-ons. I'm big fan of your software's and thoughts. Sir, I'm waiting for good news to Doodly supports all Unicode fonts of all languages and updates.