Larger Drawing Area
Is there anything in the works that would make it so we can have the option of a full-size screen or resized screen of the drawing board? My ideal situation would be a drag-arrow where the left, right, and bottom menus can be dragged to their respective edges, when not in use, thereby creating a larger drawing board to work with.

Brandon Zitting shared this idea 18/10/18 18:31
Brad Callen 26/10/18 21:27
Hi Brandon, this is already completed. You'll see a little left icon and right icon on the top left and right hand sides of Doodly where you can hide the left and right panels and make the canvas as big as you want.
Laxminarayan Proddutoor 02/11/18 02:01
Thank you Brad for the update. But after hiding the left and the right panels, the canvas remains the same size. How can I increase the size of the canvas. I couldn't see any drag points to enlarge the screen.
Brandon Zitting 08/11/18 16:14
Hey Brad, I'm in agreement with Laxminarayan Proddutoor. I love that we can hide the left and right panels, but the canvas itself is still the same size. Is there a way to increase the canvas size (IE a drag arrow so we can resize it) already, or does that need to be another request? I only ask because I'll be the first to admit, my eyes are bad, and I could really use a way to better see some of the smaller pictures that I import onto the screen. At the moment, I have to preview the Doodly to get a better view of the smaller pictures, rather than being able to see them at that size on the canvas.
Brandon Zitting 09/11/18 21:09
Nevermind! Laxminarayan Proddutoor, I just realized the "+" and "-" magnifying glass icons on the "Actions" sidebar are what we were looking for! Maybe I missed that aspect of the product update back on 10/22 or maybe it just wasn't as clear, when I watched the video. Anyway - Thanks!
Sara hassen 03/09/20 15:23
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Roshan Ali 21/05/21 16:25
Just hiding those menus is not enough. Manually resizing would be great and make our work a lot easier. Also it would be great if you make the timeline area to be resizable. Because the timeline is the main thing that doesn't allow us to maximize the board area.