A Realistic & balanced representation of ethnicity features... Please!
I am very new to doodly, “literally just over a couple of days old” The advertising campaign is working. Sadly, though, after signing up, uploading the software and looking through the images of people, the first thing I noticed was the lack of diversity within the people image range. There is very little to no variety at all in the ethnic, men & women, religious, business, family, body shapes or general life group ranges. Having to scroll through seemingly thousands of characters, looking for accurate match’s representative of our audience, in reality, was discouraging and disappointing, to say the least with the ranges offered. As an enterprise owner, with a need to appeal to an ever-growing diverse audience worldwide, where diversity recognition within these groups is not only important as a truly representative picture of our world as it is today but it is also essential to our work. Having an accurate representation of ethnicity featured in this product or just “plain old realistic balance” was one of the main features we were seeking to find and "a main" reason for purchasing this product in the first place. Not seeing a realistic balance after purchasing is very discouraging for our vision going forward with this company and very disappointing for us right now. If this product “is intended” to be “all-inclusive”, we would like to see that reflected in vast improvements of the true representation of the world population going forward in succession within your additional updates. A quick solution could be to make copies of the people images “already available in this software,” make changes to the heads of those images to make other ethnicity groups, and growing the images in variation, to reflect the real world, could be an easy way forward I think. It would be a step in the right direction and could bring much more value to this company and much less dissatisfaction from new and existing customers seemingly not being catered for... this would be a win-win for all involved I think. Otherwise, you will leave us no options but to look elsewhere for a company that will provide the services we seek, or attempt to make it ourselves. However, why should we reinvent the wheel? When you have gone so far as to make this software project already? We do not mind supporting this company, so long as it is providing us with the services we require. Please advise us on your plans or any solutions available.

Yahyaidris T shared this idea 04/08/20 15:56
Admin 04/08/20 23:13
Hi Yahyaidris! We understand your concern. A similar request has already been posted and our graphic designers have already started working on this, please make sure to send your thoughts and upvote this existing request: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/28/visibly-ethnic-people-and-people-of-color