Make the SEARCH feature more functional
While there are thousands of images, they’re very difficult to find. It would be so helpful to filter and search to find what we need. This could be done by adding tags to all assets. For “Pablo Presenting,” for example, some tags could be: male, man, business, presentation, pitch, African_American, Caucasian, Hispanic, etc. I think this would reduce the number of requests for assets that are already there. I LOVE Doodly, but I t’s frustrating and time consuming to scroll through thousands of images to find something that may or may not be there. Thanks!

Kelley Briceno shared this idea 02/12/18 12:15
rick_dimeglio 19/02/19 22:33 flag comment
I agree. Even the current search is lacking. I have searched for characters by name and been surprised to find not all their images appear. More keywords would be helpful and will only become more necessary as the library grows.