Make the SEARCH feature more functional
While there are thousands of images, they’re very difficult to find. It would be so helpful to filter and search to find what we need. This could be done by adding tags to all assets. For “Pablo Presenting,” for example, some tags could be: male, man, business, presentation, pitch, African_American, Caucasian, Hispanic, etc. I think this would reduce the number of requests for assets that are already there. I LOVE Doodly, but I t’s frustrating and time consuming to scroll through thousands of images to find something that may or may not be there. Thanks!

Kelley Briceno shared this idea 02/12/18 12:15
rick_dimeglio 19/02/19 22:33 flag comment
I agree. Even the current search is lacking. I have searched for characters by name and been surprised to find not all their images appear. More keywords would be helpful and will only become more necessary as the library grows.
Karen Loftus 23/02/19 00:36 flag comment
This has got to be my #1 issue. There may be a lot of imagery provided, but searching around for it is counter-productive.
Lovnee Swayambhu Pattanaik 26/03/19 16:01 flag comment
it took me 1 hour to find a set of suitable boy characters. i cannot imagine working with default library.
Billy 10/04/19 01:54 flag comment
I just bought mine, and that was my 1st frustration. Looking for scene is hard. It doesn't even show the name or a search box, and I paid for the premium upgrade. So let me know if I am still stuck in Standard, because I was expecting more variety, like sports characters, wedding scenes etc.
Melissa R Halvorsen 05/06/19 22:58 flag comment
The total lack of real search functionality is driving me crazy. I logged in to the site specifically to offer this feedback. I find Doodly to be practically unusable because of the impossibility of sifting through thousands of images to find what I need. I have to write down the names of characters I might want to use on a sticky note for every project. Until functional search with usable tags is in place, I won't be using or recommending Doodly to anyone. What a colossal waste of my time.
John Shoemaker 13/06/19 22:55 flag comment
Amen! I waste so much time having to scroll through images. The current search is barely functional, and it would not take much to make it beneficial. I vote YES!
Natalia Shirshova 01/07/19 10:20 flag comment
Yes! I was really surprised that the elements didn't have tags. I would say it is still worth scrolling if you're just playing around but I cannot imagine doing it on a tight schedule.
Bernadette 26/07/19 18:04 flag comment
I agree, my biggest frustration is trying to narrow down who the characters are and their names. A name means nothing to me. But if I could filter by gender, weight description, race, and activity/action, etc. For example, instead of 'every man' appearing when I type middle-aged man with glasses, I would only get a middle-aged man with glasses. Perhaps, a character map, at the very least, so we can relate the name to the headshot or body shot of the character. Tagging should really be a primary feature. I find I am spending too much time, just trying to arrive at my primary character. Forget it if I'm trying to get a family together. I think Doodly is on the right track, yet this enhancement would make it far more user friendly.
Jerry Smith 11/01/20 15:26 flag comment
I just put a suggestion like this into the feature request. (looking for folders or metadata tags for ALL objects) I'm glad it's already begun. Metadata tags are probably THE best way to establish searchable content.
feng zhang 11/01/20 17:32 flag comment
Establish a catalog for the material library, you can easily and quickly find a certain material picture for timeline editing.
feng zhang 11/01/20 17:34 flag comment
请不要用文字,请用图片方式来做成可以下载的pdf格式图表,然后对应相应的编号查找!对于非英语人群来说才更体现方便之处 。希望采纳我的意见,谢谢! Please do not use text, please use the picture method to make a downloadable pdf format chart, and then find the corresponding number! It is more convenient for non-English speakers. Hope to adopt my opinion, thank you!
tMtFQiRt 20/03/20 13:36 flag comment
Craig Thompson 04/07/20 23:51 flag comment
Totally agree. Search is completely missing from Scenes, and not grouped in any sensible order, so even scrolling through doesn't put similar scenes near each other (i.e., office, nature, exercise, etc.).
Sebastian Schiller 30/07/20 19:15 flag comment
Brilliant, this is I am looking for. The usage of the current search engine is really time consuming and needs to be more effective.
Dewey Beene 11/08/20 05:34 flag comment
Maybe a feature of "favorite" or "recently used" props in a folder, or being able to categorize them in a way that makes sense to the user.
feng zhang 11/08/20 11:10 flag comment
最好用阿拉伯数字0-9999等等来标注,有利于非英语国家的用户来方便使用 !
Luis Angulo 14/08/20 20:39 flag comment
hi!! verry good the woek
Fernando 20/08/20 20:40 flag comment
This is my #1 problem. There are so many images and that's great but I don't like that they are not organized. Therefore I have never used images that are after the letter F for example as the scrolling is too time consuming.
David J Mitchell 26/08/20 15:02 flag comment
I agree! It is both difficult to find out what's available when searching and when scrolling.
Branislav Konjevic 07/09/20 17:36 flag comment
As I can see - this is the old problem. I just want to add this - please consider to categorize scenes/templates, as well as the Characters/Props. You could implement a search function inside these categories.
[email protected] 18/09/20 14:38 flag comment
VERY time consuming. The "tree" needs to be more condensed. In fact, with all the ways this company is growing is presently, and in the past, the sooner the better. Because even though it's only been a few years, it's going to be a lot more years in the future. Even though the basic idea is to make money from the app, people won't stay if it's something they can't use quickly and easily--and word gets around. So make a tree, created with a filing system of alphabetized AND commonalities, just to ensure ease of location. I would also include one small place where GENERAL ideas for creations are created, such as "sports players," as opposed to "a tall, Black, basketball player." Ya feel? Hope this helps.