Teacher sets
As a teacher (who was already an online instructor) I think Doodly would be a great asset to add to my Zoom sessions and lectures as I discuss topics. You have lots of money features (super helpful for when I teach Economics and Personal Finance) but add more "Teacher sets" like Grade 9-12 Social Studies (historical, geographical, cultural, religious symbols / icons, etc...) I could see you adding sets like this for all the curriculum departments and also for the elementary, middle and high school grade levels. I think it would make keeping our students' attention so much easier and just plain fun!

Carla MacDonald shared this idea 13/08/20 18:01
Admin 30/06/21 15:32
A similar request already exists. Please give it an upvote here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/412/teacher-friendly-doodly