More health/biology/science characters and props
I just started with Doodly and love the application. However, the library doesn't seem to suit my needs. I am a health coach and need more animation options that include health-related items, biology (especially human anatomy), and science in general. For instance, I'd like to make a video explaining macronutrient absorption through the GI tract and there are really no suitable props or characters to do that.

Francis Voci shared this idea 02/12/18 22:35
Marie Egyed 13/12/18 14:15
Dexter Harper 28/12/18 14:24
As an employee of a University Health Sciences Center this would be beneficial to our usage also
Rebecca Reid 05/02/19 23:44
I would love more academic props and more student/educational graphics in general!
Heba El Wassef 04/01/21 21:33
Yea it would be great