Semi Animated Characters and Props by allowing GIF file Import
It would really be nice to be able to see some live looking movements in the drawings and its should be simple to allow GIF to be imported instead of only JPEG and PNG

Keith Johnson shared this idea 02/12/18 23:30
Chong Lee Chiang Adrian 08/01/19 16:34
allow animated GIF
Pete Linforth 04/02/19 09:11
yes allowing import of animated GIFs will enhance the overall appearance of a video
Zahid Moghal 26/03/19 21:12
Yes some animation is desperately needed.
Regan 07/04/19 07:17
+1 for animated gifs
Sekar 01/09/19 00:57
Please allow Animated GIFs. other whiteboard software such as Explaindio supports animated gifs.
Reed Brown 15/09/19 00:40
I'm looking at Toonly and wondering if either a) I can I export objects/characters/scenes into Toonly for further animations or b) probablyl more doable, import Toonly objects with their animations into Doodly so I can have these objects draw themselves on. How darn cool would THAT be? I'm posing this question in a Toonly email too--maybe the two departments can come up with a solution to export Toonly .gifs into Doodly?
Marco Napoli 01/10/19 17:41
Animation would be a welcomed feature.
Gifs give another dimension to doodly, making it the best whiteboard software offer on the marketplace.
David Shirk 07/10/19 13:24
Would be most useful if animation could be triggered either at end of the drawing or on designated start, with other doodly elements able to be added before trigger. e.g. a timeline placeholder that identifies which gifs to trigger. For example, enhance scenes with people sitting at their desks to have a gif at end where they pick up a telephone to talk. Then allow drawing a scene with two people sitting at their desks, then have each pick up the telephone to talk. Maybe the drawing hand snaps its fingers and the animation begins... This could be composed of lots of gif endings to existing scenes, characters, props, etc. Phone could ring, character could answer phone, conversation bubbles allow conversation to be scripted by doodly. Delays in gif start would make lots of possibilities...
Mak Wilson 10/10/19 14:06
A was just thinking how nice it would be to be able to do this.
Andrew McCabe 25/10/19 18:25
Not only that, but having items being able to move around by setting paths for things to follow such as an arrow moving back and forth, or a logo sliding onto the screen.
Johan 25/10/19 08:01
This will be awesome, waiting for it in next release!
[email protected] 29/11/19 12:20
What is the status on this? Will doodly ever allow gifs?
Reed Brown 09/12/19 22:05
I'm a bit confused...in this post, it says this feature is "completed" but in other posts, it says "nope". Which is it? If it's working now, how is it accomplished? It would be absolutely wonderful to be able to bring in our own self-animated characters and props! Thanks.
Donald L Hester 20/12/19 05:19
I think this would be a very powerful feature. Please give us this option.
SAURABH JOSHI 19/04/20 18:13
please allow GIFs
Delores Finlayson 05/12/20 14:25
Simple animated GIF would be excellent.