Instagram Thumbnail (Static) Image
When posting to Instagram the Doodly thumbnail should retain an interesting image from the animation. Videos created using Doodly and posted to Instagram do look bland before triggering the animation. A good static thumbnail image in Instagram is an essential requirement for communicating / triggering engagement or interest. What a visitor sees, on an Instagram post or wall, before the reader or visitor clicks on the image and triggers the animation is crucial. Currently when creating a Doodly video story and removing any time delay in the first actions of the animation, the static image (thumbnail) when posted to Instagram often shows very little i.e. the smudge of a hand or portion of an arm with the remaining 90-95% of the screen looking blank. Creating an animation with Doodly is very intuitive and we appreciate before the arm or hand of the inbuilt animator has drawn anything naturally the screen is blank. When a Doodly animation is exported out as a MP4 video and sits on a screen in PC there is an interesting static thumbnail image that represents the content. Instagram is a significant Social Media platform and the lack of an interesting thumbnail image (noticed in most cases) when a Doodly video is posted is in our opinion an area worth improving for Doodly users. Is it possible the answer could be the introduction of a title Image selected using a slider from an active section of the animation, that when clicked on starts the animation and story?

GB BLACK shared this idea 25/08/20 10:49
Admin 25/08/20 23:22
Hi GB! You can select the video thumbnail on the platform that you're using, eg. Instagram, Facebook, youtube, etc. For further assistance, please contact [email protected] or check the Instagram guide on how to select your thumbnail.