Add ability to VIEW filenames in all assets used in a project (including audio)
I would like to SEE the name of a file I've used in a project. I'd like to be able to click (or right click) on the track to see its name. For example, I want to know the name of a sound file I chose (background music) so I can use it for a future project..

Kelley Briceno shared this idea 03/12/18 16:24
Shannon Baker 12/12/18 03:26
Yes! This would be very helpful!
Esther L Gambrell 14/12/18 16:56
YES!!! This would be SO helpful because I can't remember the names of the all the characters, especially. :)
Mark McNett 06/02/19 05:57
I used a sound file and could not remember the name. It took me a long time to play through the sound files until I found the matching file. Access to the file name (maybe in settings or using a "hover over") would be most helpful.
ANNIE HOWARD 07/02/19 06:24
Yes please, I'd love to see this too - I do keep notes, but this would be so helpful!
Gerhard Birth 09/02/19 12:21
Oh yea! This would help much.
Evona Frink Jones 24/03/19 09:58
Yes!!! I had to listen to a LOT of files this morning to find the one I used at the beginning of the video. Not cool.
George Moureau 03/04/19 14:56
Put the asset name in the Settings Popup for that asset. I use enterprise assets once, and have a huge problem finding the same asset for a different project because the name isn't listed any where that I can find. Of course I didn't think to write it down for future reference.
Joel Moran 28/04/19 12:46
I also find this suggestion good. However it would be better if it would show not just the name of the asset but the file size as well. In other words, the file properties. Thanks!
James Wilson 25/07/19 21:08
yes please
Reed Brown 06/09/19 17:42
This is really a good idea. Even just a "hover over" the object, or include the filename in the settings panel––would be GREAT! I had a character I was using as black and white. Went to find the color version and just gave up. I thought there was a way to make a b/w object color with Rainbow from within the scene, but I guess not; unless I'm missing something.
Tom Hirsch 17/04/20 14:46
I wholeheartedly agree :-) This would be most helpful.