Switch Backgrounds on a Scene-by-Scene Basis
Looking for the ability to switch between whiteboards/chalkboards/blackboards/glassboards on a scene-by-scene basis.

Brandon Zitting shared this idea 18/10/18 18:35
Vincent Chun 22/10/18 15:05
Give users flexibility to choose either "all scene" or "scene-by-scene". Also, the switching of "hand" or "without hand".
Richard Farrester 01/11/18 20:39
I agree with Vincent Chun. The ability to change scenes or background on a scene-by-scene basis would be very helpful.
Ashley Bredenberg 14/11/18 22:43
Yes! this way we can change a story line or color for effect.
René Amyot 23/11/18 20:03
Having the choice to apply an image in only one scene (frame) or all scenes. This would permit us to change environment (background image) during the video. The caracters could move, per exemple, from one room to the others.
Sonia Veelenturf 27/12/18 05:49
Changing backgrounds would be more consistent with the story and keep the size of the file down, by not having to add extra graphics to accommodate new backgrounds, instead.
sarwagna 11/02/19 06:40
Is this done? Are we now capable of changing backgrounds from scene to scene?
Marco Napoli 01/10/19 19:20
Yes, I would love to see this feature.
Jurwiir Ayom 18/05/20 21:32