Biblical themes for Church
Signed up to do videos for Sunday School at church. Would be great if you could incorporate bible type of sceneries and some characters with biblical type of clothing, props, etc...

Mayra Barry shared this idea 03/12/18 22:22
Marty Hawkins 10/12/18 19:16
Would be a great asset
John J Deltuvia Jr 05/01/19 17:50
Would be even nicer if it didn't discriminate against non-Abrahamic religions. Right now there are several props for the Abrahamic religions (two types of bible, two types of crosses, star of David, church, ministerial/priestly shawl), but just try finding a pentacle or a prayer flag. I'm all for adding more religious symbols... as long as it doesn't turn it into a Christian product.
George Kantz 16/01/19 04:34
That's what I was hoping to use this for I pastor a church and would love for sermon illustrations
ANDREW AUSLEY 05/02/19 21:21
This would open up a huge market for you.
Mark McNett 06/02/19 05:58
I would REALLY use this feature.
Nick Green 09/04/19 13:15
I think religion and politics (like discussions in the pub) should be avoided. The product should be secular and apolitical. There are plenty of assets available online that can be imported to meet religious or political needs.
Theodore’s army 06/05/19 02:03
That would be very helpful since we are using this in our church ministry group!
Marco Napoli 01/10/19 19:27
Love to see more biblical themes, props.
P Strong 01/03/21 23:10
Csongor Kovacs 17/04/20 17:22
Would love to see more biblical themes
Wilson Mendieta 16/05/20 01:01
Useful for me and my colleagues, to have with biblical subjects and images.
Spencer Bolduc 21/05/20 02:58
I would love to see this as well! This is what I bought doodly for!
Judi McBee 21/05/20 18:41
Need, need, need for teaching catechetics to children 4-6 yrs. of age. They would flip seeing a Doodly come from me!
Christian Mosquera 29/05/20 12:52
I really need this stuff.. Please prioritize this. God bless you all!
A fernandes 20/09/20 11:11
i got doodly to espred CHRIST MESSAGE ALSO not enough on doodly about it please considere GOD bless
ann baehr 18/11/20 17:12
Yes! Please!!!!
Kirsten Reynolds 26/05/21 18:03
Also different emotions other than happy for the biblical characters would be amazing. It would be awesome to have a ton of characters to choose from so kids aren't seeing the same three characters every week playing different characters in the bible...