Arabic Language Support
Thank You Doodly for supporting Arabic Language. To all those how need to integrate Arabic Language please do the following: Go to http://www.arfonts.net/ Download the font you want Extract File Go to the Doodly app Go to text tab Click Add text Drag and drop the font you just downloaded and extracted from the download file to the Doodly dialogue Click Right to Left Box Enjoy ! Thanks again Doodly for supporting Arabic Language This post is not endorsed by Doodly ArFonts is just one of many other Arabic fonts provides, so if you have your own site that uses True Type Fonts (TTF) fonts please feel free to use it

Younis Hammoudeh shared this idea 03/09/20 09:46
Admin 03/09/20 23:15
Hi Younis! Thank you so much for your positive feedback! :)
Esraa 01/06/21 16:54
Thank you so much for the valuable guide