Bundles for History and Science
I am a teacher and also a homeschool mom and am planning on having my child create a Doodly at the end of every week to summarize concepts learned. It would be very helpful if you had Doodle images from different time periods in history. For instance, ancient civilizations (pyramids, pharaohs, rafts, royal figures, etc.), war items (WWII graphics, children shivering, canons, brigades of soldiers, peace treaties, etc.), modern history (rockets, Apollo 13, space station, White House, Kremlin, old telephone-new telephone, etc.) as well as Science (periodic table, the structure of a cell, chromosomes, microscope and slides, magnifying glass, the anatomy of various living creatures, etc.). This would be very helpful and something that would be very marketable to teachers in schools-especially middle school age! What better way to incorporate technology, graphic design, art, and knowledge, into the classroom! Thank you for your consideration!

ELIZABETH ANN MOROZOV shared this idea 04/09/20 06:46