Sub-Categorize Characters
Scrolling through the huge amount of characters and poses takes a LONG time and they're all mixed up. I suggest creating sub-categories by character. For example, when you click on the Characters tab, show a list of the individual characters with an icon of each. Then when you click the character you want, it will open up all the poses for just that character.

Josh Wesolek shared this idea 04/12/18 15:50
Nick Forbes 04/12/18 19:11
Yes please - or just a sheet showing one pose from each character with their name. Takes a long while to scroll through all the characters trying to find one that is appropriate. Easy to search for all the poses once you have chosen a character.
Rebecca Reid 05/02/19 23:41
It would be so helpful to keep my own uploads and the favorites I use a lot. It would also help to be able to hide characters or props that will never fit with my purposes that are just "in the way" each time I do a project.
John Shoemaker 14/06/19 23:00
An easy way to get part way to this is to allow tags for each image. So we could search for specific tags (vs. only what is the name of the image). There is a request for Search improvements, which this ties into very well.
Bernadette 26/07/19 18:37
Much like a character map, have the character with a headshot or full body shot, then click on that character (after one is able to filter to the characters ethnicity, race, religion, size, weight, etc.).
Joseph Barone 25/05/20 10:00
I agree with Nick Forbes. It would be great to have a catalogue of characters -- just one pose per character with name. This will help when dealing with clients, so that they can choose one that best fits their needs.
KAVINDU NIROSHAN 14/06/20 19:33
Yes please!
Maitri Lorenzo Ventura 06/10/20 11:17
Yes, absolutely, this will save us time and nerves
manoj kumar 24/05/21 04:00
that is very useful