LGBT Representation
Hi I am a gay woman and I often make videos for learning and business that I want to feature me in. I have searched all the bundles and cannot find a character that represents me. Not all women have long hair, some of us have short spiky styles and wear glasses! The closest I can find is the male character Hans but as he is dressed casually it doesn't work for me professionally. I prefer to wear a blazer, good shirt jeans and converse for work or a suit. I'm not asking for an exact replica of me obviously (!) but it would be great if there was a character that my audience could somewhat identify with being me doing a range of work and leisure activities. I'd really welcome your thoughts on this as I LOVE Doodly but can't use it nearly as much as I want to as the female characters don't represent me and I can't be the only short haired, glasses wearing brunette out there! Thanks Katie

Katie Macdonald shared this idea 14/09/20 09:58