Pan and zoom effects
Features that resemble camera panning and zooming on a particular asset.

Lionel Tantuan shared this idea 18/10/18 18:57
Mitchell Smith 19/10/18 21:43
I agree that this would be a fantastic feature. I almost payed the extra money to buy videoscribe because of this feature.
Tanveer ul Islam 23/10/18 19:52
this would spice up the videos
Richard Farrester 01/11/18 20:37
Excellent idea. This would help add emphasis and focus. Please consider.
Tanin Charoenpanich 02/11/18 05:39
If fulfilled, Doodly would be one leading edge product in the market.
Dr. Dirk Leisenberg 17/11/18 22:31
I saw videos from 2016 that had this feature... was it removed? and... why?
Hina Malik 28/11/18 11:09
Nancy Babb 30/11/18 14:40
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ... so we can create something as brilliant as this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH_aojNJM3E
Sovann My 01/12/18 01:28
1000% Agreed! This is what i really need.
John Unitt 10/12/18 23:16
John Unitt 10/12/18 23:18
Puts you as market leader!
Víctor González Brito 10/12/18 23:37
Michael Lengui 11/12/18 03:54
Mathias Fuchs 11/12/18 09:07
I really need this feature. Most of the competing software can do that. I expected that to work when I bought the software. TO me it's a very important feature that would really make doodly the leader in that market.
juliana 11/12/18 22:42
I will love to have this one, i think is more fun and interesting to watch the video with this effect. Thanks
Sergio Aguilar 12/12/18 22:29
This would DEFINITELY help our Doodlies look WAY more professional, like many we are trying to somehow compete with. Hope you take up this idea. Thanks in advance!
Marie Egyed 13/12/18 14:06
Colleen Harvey 13/12/18 23:56
great idea
German Gonzalez-Amado 29/12/18 19:00
Emmanuel Ruiz 10/01/19 15:01
Please please please add.
Emmanuel Ruiz 10/01/19 15:02
Please please please add. New to Doodly and thought this was already a features on here.
Johan Kotze 15/01/19 09:19
I am really missing this as well and although I just joined am already considering to change to a competitor, since I've seen this in other Doodles and was expecting it to be standard in Doodly as well...
Agne Rapalaite 16/01/19 20:05
I was shocked when I realised that it does not have this function. And I am already implementing a project that has a deadline in few weeks. Please inform, when are you planing to launch this functionality?
Maroun Ters 20/01/19 17:16
I vote for this feature.. and most important is: 1- to have full control on the panning and zooming, not just being an automated-uncontrolled feature. 2- to create nodes on the timeline to insert timing of each pan or zoom within the videos.
Jody Parker 03/02/19 23:58
Paweł Zach 01/02/19 21:51
this is no 1. in my kind requests!
Michael Moikeha 03/02/19 03:40
This seems like it would be an easy feature to add. put a camera button to the side with a zoom button. Then as you make your drawings, its added into the sequence just like a new drawing, with a zoom timeframe, or a pan timeframe using the same functional programing you have for drawing the assets. then you just need to specify it the next drawing in the sequence is paused till pan/zoom is completed, or if the next asset is drawn while panning/zooming takes place
Pete Linforth 04/02/19 09:06
This feature will be a game changer for Doodly providing what other more expensive options already have in their software. Being able to control the panning, when to draw the next scene and finally when to decide to zoom out to show everything would be superb!
ANNIE HOWARD 07/02/19 06:17
Dustin Covan 11/02/19 02:39
This missing pan and zoom feature is the only thing I can see preventing Doodly from becoming the number one whiteboard animation software available. The ability to create custom draw paths within the software is amazing, and having the ability to pan and zoom as well, would put it way over the top.
Karen Loftus 23/02/19 00:33
I agree; I'm feeling limited.
Karen Loftus 23/02/19 00:37
I totally agree on this one.
Stefan Finke 13/03/19 09:20
Also, the option for a tracking shot would be great (camera going parallel to the image instead of making a 360° turn).
David Gamboa Ortuzar 19/03/19 22:04
It is a very important feature that I hope will be added soon.
Christopher Beckford 21/03/19 00:15
As others mentioned, I expected that Doodly would have this ability when I purchased it. I'm really happy to hear that it's been started and can't wait for it to make it into a release. At the moment I'm having to create each scene manually and then paste them all together in my video editing app and fake the pan/zoom in there. It works, but isn't fun.
Lovnee Swayambhu Pattanaik 22/03/19 15:40
This is need of the hour. It add another feather to doodly's success.
thomas lee 23/03/19 03:21
Yes I was hoping for this feature to be already in place when I purchased Doodly. I sincerely hope it comes into the software soon! That would really make this software the best.
Alexandre Miguel Lourenço Dias 26/03/19 22:08
This wold be na awesome feature!
Andy Gilbert 05/04/19 07:58
I too would really like this, hope it is made available soon. I purchased hoping to have this feature and was disappointed to find it didn't.
Johann Stuhlpfarrer 04/05/19 11:06
I expected that the feature is part of Doodly when I purchased it. It is also shown in several Doodly videos so missing this feature is really disappointing. Dear Doodle team, please make it a priority to release this feature asap.
John Shoemaker 13/06/19 22:53
Seems like a no-brainer - any video product today should have this feature!
Shaun Herron 01/07/19 15:53
other products offer this....this is a feature you should probably implement.
Paul Pol 12/07/19 13:55
This feature is really needed! Other software like videoscribe is a good example for this!
Aneta Dziewulska 14/07/19 10:25
Lovnee Swayambhu Pattanaik 18/07/19 15:39
Please make it happen this year. This is a must awaited feature.
James Wilson 25/07/19 21:04
yes, much needed
Atul Nene 20/08/19 06:03
oh yes, much needed. (I thought this would already be in when buying Doodly, since I had seen it elsewhere.)
Francisco Sanchez 24/08/19 17:44
It´s a necessary idea that will give value and consistency to Doodly.
Elaine E 06/09/19 01:53
(x2) I expected that to work when I bought the software. TO me it's a very important feature that would really make doodly the leader in that market.
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Marco Napoli 01/10/19 17:40
I would love to have this feature.
Robert C. 02/10/19 04:03
Me too... My videoscribe temptation would be over!
Blair Brown 02/10/19 11:45
Blair Brown 02/10/19 11:45
Good idea
Mak Wilson 10/10/19 14:04
It would be an excellent feature!
Dejan Živko 24/10/19 18:45
Good suggestion!
Andrew McCabe 24/10/19 23:11
I was very surprised this wasn't included from the beginning. Being able to pan and zoom around a scene onto different things would be a major improvement.
feng zhang 03/11/19 15:53
非常同意这个功能尽早实现 .
Paul Andersen 08/02/20 02:10
I think this system sucks
zeeshan 11/03/20 11:16
Neal 24/07/20 03:28
So, does anyone from the creators of this software view this forum?
Murod Djuarev 30/07/20 17:56
The frame for the pan and zoom effect is locked on a rectangular aspect ratio and we cannot make adjustments outside it or as we wish please help find out solution ASAP.
Roy Sanchez 05/09/20 21:33
Aslat khan 29/09/20 19:03
Agreed this would be a good feature
Tris Lateward 25/01/21 17:04
I concur. Are you going to add this?
Martin Gregory 20/06/21 01:05
What does "completed" mean? I can't find this feature, it is so missing!