Pan and zoom effects
Features that resemble camera panning and zooming on a particular asset.

Lionel Tantuan shared this idea 18/10/18 18:57
Mitchell Smith 19/10/18 21:43 flag comment
I agree that this would be a fantastic feature. I almost payed the extra money to buy videoscribe because of this feature.
Tanveer ul Islam 23/10/18 19:52 flag comment
this would spice up the videos
Richard Farrester 01/11/18 20:37 flag comment
Excellent idea. This would help add emphasis and focus. Please consider.
Tanin Charoenpanich 02/11/18 05:39 flag comment
If fulfilled, Doodly would be one leading edge product in the market.
Dr. Dirk Leisenberg 17/11/18 22:31 flag comment
I saw videos from 2016 that had this feature... was it removed? and... why?
Hina Malik 28/11/18 11:09 flag comment
Nancy Babb 30/11/18 14:40 flag comment
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ... so we can create something as brilliant as this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH_aojNJM3E
Sovann My 01/12/18 01:28 flag comment
1000% Agreed! This is what i really need.
John Unitt 10/12/18 23:16 flag comment
John Unitt 10/12/18 23:18 flag comment
Puts you as market leader!
Víctor González Brito 10/12/18 23:37 flag comment
Michael Lengui 11/12/18 03:54 flag comment
Mathias Fuchs 11/12/18 09:07 flag comment
I really need this feature. Most of the competing software can do that. I expected that to work when I bought the software. TO me it's a very important feature that would really make doodly the leader in that market.
juliana 11/12/18 22:42 flag comment
I will love to have this one, i think is more fun and interesting to watch the video with this effect. Thanks
Sergio Aguilar 12/12/18 22:29 flag comment
This would DEFINITELY help our Doodlies look WAY more professional, like many we are trying to somehow compete with. Hope you take up this idea. Thanks in advance!
Marie Egyed 13/12/18 14:06 flag comment
Colleen Harvey 13/12/18 23:56 flag comment
great idea
German Gonzalez-Amado 29/12/18 19:00 flag comment
Emmanuel Ruiz 10/01/19 15:01 flag comment
Please please please add.
Emmanuel Ruiz 10/01/19 15:02 flag comment
Please please please add. New to Doodly and thought this was already a features on here.
Johan Kotze 15/01/19 09:19 flag comment
I am really missing this as well and although I just joined am already considering to change to a competitor, since I've seen this in other Doodles and was expecting it to be standard in Doodly as well...
Agne Rapalaite 16/01/19 20:05 flag comment
I was shocked when I realised that it does not have this function. And I am already implementing a project that has a deadline in few weeks. Please inform, when are you planing to launch this functionality?