Image to sketch converter
I would like to request a feature where our own images can be converted to a sketch style image so they align with our doodle videos.

Lemuel Sacop shared this idea 10/10/20 10:43
Admin 12/10/20 23:14
Hi There! We do already have a feature that allows you to add draw paths for your custom images, please watch our tutorial #8 to help you get started: https://www.doodly.com/tutorials/
Lemuel Sacop 13/10/20 19:03
What I mean is when we import our own images, those typically taken by our cameras, can be converted to a sketch-like doodle. I hope you can consider this again. If only I can provide images here in this request as an example. When I want to convert my photos into sketch-like drawing, I have to use Photoshop.