All about Aquascaping Scenes, Character Posings, and Props
Hello, I would like to request more freshwater aquarium fishes, invertebrates, plants, hardscape materials (rocks, driftwood), more aquariums (2D, 3D) complete with soil already in it, please. Some character posings that are related to aquariums like peeking, doing a water change, feeding the fish, reaching in the aquarium, etc. and then the props, aquarium lighting, filters, water pumps, fishnet, fertilizers, pail, a water basin, CO2 tanks and regulators, hoses, siphons aquascaping tools like tweezers, long scissors, etc. I don't mind if I have to pay for it as a bundle. Thank you so much!

Lemuel Sacop shared this idea 13/10/20 18:57
EDSON CASAGRANDE 05/03/21 02:56
Excelent idea