Fixing Arabic language appearance !
Hello, Although Doodly has "right to left" option for typing text the final result for Arabic language is till not usable. Arabic words consist of joined characters, that's how it shows in the text box, but the displayed text on board shows divided characters. This makes doodly lose a big chunk of its value for Arabic users. Please check the screenshot: https://ibb.co/F3XM7c6 I hope this issue gets addressed soon. Best Regards, Adnan M. AlJehani Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Adnan AlJehani shared this idea 06/12/18 22:49
Muhanned Riyadh 22/12/18 12:53
i hope to be fixed soon.
Saad Muhialdin 08/01/19 12:33
Hello, I have the same problem above , I tried many fonts and the Arabic characters are not joined even if you use "right to left" option , I tried another trick by writing the Arabic text in another program(I used PowerPoint),saved it like a png and added it to the program it worked, However the brush in the animation was writing from left to right instead of right to left like when you are writing Arabic which makes it useless more or less. Can you please fix the issue soon because i intend to use arabic text frequently with Doodly. Best Regards
Abdulhadi M. Bajammal 11/02/19 16:27
I totally agree + we really hope to see more fonts
Tanveer ul Islam 12/02/19 09:28
Hi Doodly Fix Team Addressing Right-to-Left language solve not only Arabic language issue but Urdu language as well that is written from Right-to-Left. This feature will cover Persian and some other languages as well. I am desperately looking for this feature since I am an Urdu language user and will be able to create lot of videos in Urdu for my clients here. Thanks for considering this feature as part of Doodly. Good Luck!
AHMED DARWISH 05/03/19 12:55
+1 thank you Doodly team for considering this
mohamed Elsawaf 02/05/19 15:52
it will be great if you fix Arabic fonts appearance
mohamed Elsawaf 02/05/19 15:52
it will be great if you fix Arabic fonts appearance
mohamed Elsawaf 02/05/19 15:52
it will be great if you fix Arabic fonts appearance
mohamed Elsawaf 02/05/19 15:53
it will be great if you fix Arabic fonts appearance
mohamed Elsawaf 02/05/19 15:53
it will be great if you fix Arabic fonts appearance
Yaakoub 18/07/19 16:49
8 mounths has passed , i wonder if arabic is fully supported now. I was about to buy Doodly when then i discovered it has this problem.
KHALED RASHDAN 22/07/19 16:42
the same problem here
kwdsl 18/08/19 04:02
Did you tried http://www.arabic-keyboard.org/photoshop-arabic/ take a copy from it and paste it also, there is a software called almohtarif alarabi th3professional. if they don't work i think you must wait doodly to fix this problem
Nadia Hussien 23/09/19 20:50
the same problem here, please fix Arabic fonts. It is urgent for us. I hope Doodly support Arabic fonts in the next update. Thank you
Aiman YAssin 06/10/19 07:19
it's important to have Arabic text in Doodly, lots of users are waiting for this improvement. it could be solved by utilizing other software such as Inkscape
[email protected] 04/02/20 12:48
Hello, i just added an arabic font from windows (has to be TTF) and it worked but you need to type everything, as copy/paste didn't work for me (Giving ASCII characters).It would be great if you can add doodly arabic fonts.
Hossam Youssef Ezzeldin 13/03/20 15:42
I hope to see Arabic fonts in Doodly
Gihan Faisal 16/03/20 17:34
So people have been complaining aboutArabic language fixing since 2018, and here I am to raise the same complaint in March 2020! Doodly, how long does it take to fix such a problem that affects your sales in the middle east and urdu, Farsi areas that write from right to left, really disappointing!!!
jalil jaafar 22/03/20 18:04
i am Arabic user, i hope to be fixed soon
aladin handoklo 23/03/20 13:40
why did i purchase doodly if i cant even use the content language for my videos .. fix Arabic language please!
aladin handoklo 23/03/20 14:29
hey guys i found a font that works.. 1. go to this link https://fonts.google.com/?subset=arabic&sort=popularity 2. download the cairo font 3. add it to your Doodly fonts 4. enjoy making your videos hope it works for you like it did for me goodluck!
Abdulwahab Elroubat 31/03/20 18:56
we really want the arabic font to be supported
Jean-Marie El Bacha 06/04/20 20:03
Hello, I have the same problem, if doodly can find a solution for both mac and windows users it will be great!
ahmed alsanaani 10/04/20 17:37
i was going to buy but when i see arabic support problem . i will wait until fixing the problem or buy another app .
Bustamam Harun 14/04/20 22:15
Any updates on this? It's a very crucial feature. Without this arabic text is unreadable.
Waleed 19/05/20 18:34
I was shocked when I discovered that Doodly doesn't support the Arabic language. Honestly, the main reason I subscribed for Doodly is to creat Arabic info.....Please!! this issue needs to be fixed
Alissar Yordanov 04/06/20 13:50
I am shocked too to see that after over a year to this and other requests, Arabic is not supported and the user has to find a way around it. Not happy about that. Doodly, is solving this issue in your intentions? yes or no? I hope it's a yes. The market is huge and would do you good in sales. I won't recommend it so far.
Mahmoud 06/06/20 21:56
I write in Arabic using right to left option. The output is no word. Simply erased. I hope this will be fixed soon.
Bassel Ajouri 23/06/20 17:24
I think that's a matter of urgent for all that comments here. DOODLY please consider it this as it has been over two years and people keep asking about it. Thanks
Mohamed Elmekkawi 14/08/20 08:22
We need this, please ASAP. Do not ignore the Middle East market. It is enormous!
Ahmadullah Asey 08/09/20 10:47
Same issue here, I can't believe it's been 2 years this issue still on!
Jamal AL-TAMIMI 22/10/20 13:12
Doodly: you are losing money on the table for not considering adding right to left languages and righting with Arabic Characters and font which is now built-in all MS office and know applications. two years for putting this request into development show that your product development is not customer-centric. i am not buying your account . sorry .
Waleed Abusabah 02/11/20 07:24
الاخوة الكرام السلام عليكم ما زالت المشكلة قائمة ولكن هناك بعض الخطوط التي تتوافق مع البرنامج (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Scheherazade?subset=arabic) الرجاء محاولة عدة خطوط حتى يتوفر لكم الخط الصحيح
Guys as Waleed said, go to this link first (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Scheherazade?subset=arabic) then on the top right corner (Download family), then unzip it. After that in Doodly app add the two fonts files that you downloaded. choose one of these font and all will work good.