Slider timeline
Please make the timeline into a slider a la Adobe Audition et al so I can click anywhere in the timeline bar (adjacent to the settings button) drop in anywhere on the preview to fine tune. I waste a lot of time right-clicking and previewing the first 5-10 seconds of a scene to get to the last 2 seconds I need to fine-tune. And half the time, I forget I have to go that route and click the readily visible "preview" button that is in the actions panel on the right. It already shows actions for the scene, so it seems like that button should preview the scene rather than the whole video.

Mark Wilcox shared this idea 07/12/18 02:58
Andreas Sauerwein 20/01/19 11:32
I strongly agree, working on the last bit in the time-line is a very lengthy process without...
Marco Napoli 01/10/19 19:23
Great idea and feature.
pravin jadhav 06/11/19 07:59
I came across very good software (Doodleoze) for doodle, which has a better timeline idea. it saves lots of time for matching the voice track and animation. please take a look at the screenshot to get a better idea https://ibb.co/30n302g
Jessie Andersen 14/01/21 14:30
This would be super helpful.
Andrews Paez 07/02/21 20:30
OMG! I am happy I found this IDEA. I was going to post it. It is hard not be able at least to shrink the timeline like any other editing software.
Eugene 18/09/21 00:28
Timeline is fixed on screen, would be nice to be able to adjust it. currently I see 30secs on my work screen, would be nice to be able to zoom out and see 2mins, 5main or so. scrolling through the whole thing 30seconds at a time together to end or beginning takes precious time. Thank you