Geometric Shapes
Prop category that are geometric shapes (lines, poly-lines, squares, rectangles, triangles, polygons, circles, ellipses, wedges) where the outline of the shape is also the draw path for the shape. The assets as individual shapes could include features such as: - Making the individual vertexes editable (e.g., to change a triangle from a equilateral triangle to a right triangle, or a rectangle into a trapezoid, etc.) - Making the outline width and color selectable - Making the fill color selectable with different styles (solid fill, pen-scribble fill, etc.) - Include basic curves in the lines (to be able to draw conic sections like parabolas or trigonometric curves...)

Jonathan Zall shared this idea 22/10/20 16:49
Paul McGuire 14/12/20 23:08
Make fill optional, so that you can highlight text by drawing a circle/ellipse/rectangle around it.