Hand Placing Items
Add a feature what uses a hand to also add or place items to the Doodly,, instead of just having them appear, or have to be drawn.

George ONeal shared this idea 18/10/18 19:07
Wayne McHugh 19/10/18 20:32 flag comment
This is similar to the rubber stamp suggestion, and other methods of "placing" like throwing a blob at the board which lands and splatters into the element being placed.
Wayne McHugh 20/10/18 02:29 flag comment
This is also similar to the flannel board placement request.
Richard Farrester 01/11/18 20:18 flag comment
As an added suggestion, allow the hand to 'slide' the item onto the screen.
Shawn Clark 21/11/18 01:26 flag comment
This would help a lot when explaining how to use an item, webpage or any other tutorial.
Michael Lengui 11/12/18 03:57 flag comment
Eduard Renger 24/01/19 20:37 flag comment
It would be be great to have this. Placing, moving and removing items using a hand would be awesome!
Alan hudson 31/01/19 14:34 flag comment
THIS would allow me to promote my app alot better and also be able to create how to videos for apps. THIS would really get me using doodly and a whole new part of my website would be filled with videos within days of release
Michael 02/02/19 01:48 flag comment
I think this is a great idea. Would make it much quicker when you have complex scenes and need to add a large # of elements!
Lars Bennetzen 02/02/19 17:32 flag comment
I would love this feature. I have seen it in other programs, and really miss it here.
Pete Linforth 04/02/19 09:08 flag comment
I like this idea of placing props or characters using a hand.
Dennis Kamprad 07/02/19 18:54 flag comment
Moving assets in with the hand, instead of drawing them, would make for a great additional effect and not be the same all over. I've seen this with other software and it would be great to have it included in doodly as well!
George ONeal 12/02/19 17:39 flag comment
Laxmi Raghavendra Nayak 15/02/19 08:56 flag comment
This is a great feature, please do it.
Sovann My 20/02/19 09:18 flag comment
Pamela Keegan 18/05/19 10:20 flag comment
Would be great to have this, considering you use it in one of your promotional videos. I thought it would already be a feature.
Tom Field 03/06/19 19:12 flag comment
Critical feature. Your competitors have it. You should too since it makes including other artwork so much more effective. Allow the hand to 'slide' the item onto the screen for any direction at any speed.
Paul Pol 12/07/19 13:58 flag comment
This would be very nice!
James Wilson 25/07/19 21:06 flag comment
If we can add a 'toss' on to the screen can we also incorporate the ability to "spin" the object slightly into place as it falls from the hand - thanks
Ruud van Wijngaarden 02/08/19 20:43 flag comment
Yes, very useful, when the "stamp" is not the right feel. Especially when you tell a story that has recurring elements that you still want to be dynamically added, but not drew again..