Hand Placing Items
Add a feature what uses a hand to also add or place items to the Doodly,, instead of just having them appear, or have to be drawn.

George ONeal shared this idea 18/10/18 19:07
Wayne McHugh 19/10/18 20:32
This is similar to the rubber stamp suggestion, and other methods of "placing" like throwing a blob at the board which lands and splatters into the element being placed.
Wayne McHugh 20/10/18 02:29
This is also similar to the flannel board placement request.
Richard Farrester 01/11/18 20:18
As an added suggestion, allow the hand to 'slide' the item onto the screen.
Shawn Clark 21/11/18 01:26
This would help a lot when explaining how to use an item, webpage or any other tutorial.
Michael Lengui 11/12/18 03:57
Eduard Renger 24/01/19 20:37
It would be be great to have this. Placing, moving and removing items using a hand would be awesome!
Alan hudson 31/01/19 14:34
THIS would allow me to promote my app alot better and also be able to create how to videos for apps. THIS would really get me using doodly and a whole new part of my website would be filled with videos within days of release
Michael 02/02/19 01:48
I think this is a great idea. Would make it much quicker when you have complex scenes and need to add a large # of elements!
Lars Bennetzen 02/02/19 17:32
I would love this feature. I have seen it in other programs, and really miss it here.
Pete Linforth 04/02/19 09:08
I like this idea of placing props or characters using a hand.
Dennis Kamprad 07/02/19 18:54
Moving assets in with the hand, instead of drawing them, would make for a great additional effect and not be the same all over. I've seen this with other software and it would be great to have it included in doodly as well!
George ONeal 12/02/19 17:39
Laxmi Raghavendra Nayak 15/02/19 08:56
This is a great feature, please do it.
Sovann My 20/02/19 09:18
Pamela Keegan 18/05/19 10:20
Would be great to have this, considering you use it in one of your promotional videos. I thought it would already be a feature.
Tom Field 03/06/19 19:12
Critical feature. Your competitors have it. You should too since it makes including other artwork so much more effective. Allow the hand to 'slide' the item onto the screen for any direction at any speed.
Paul Pol 12/07/19 13:58
This would be very nice!
James Wilson 25/07/19 21:06
If we can add a 'toss' on to the screen can we also incorporate the ability to "spin" the object slightly into place as it falls from the hand - thanks
Ruud van Wijngaarden 02/08/19 20:43
Yes, very useful, when the "stamp" is not the right feel. Especially when you tell a story that has recurring elements that you still want to be dynamically added, but not drew again..
Marco Napoli 01/10/19 17:38
I also could use this feature.
Tim Bartow 02/10/19 12:43
This would add a great deal of VALUE to Doodly... it's really a "must-have" in the marketplace in order to be the leader.
[email protected] 26/11/19 11:44
A hand and/or a finger would be so nice!
Diana VS 14/12/19 22:32
It would be great
Hossam ELsharif 05/01/20 09:53
I want them
Francois Houte 07/01/20 18:56
feng zhang 03/02/20 13:19
Thomas 10/03/20 11:14
Combination of different hand techniques An innovative idea for Doodly videos would certainly also be to combine the „writing and painting hand" with other hand techniques ... 1. A hand pushing an object (letter, logo, object ...) from any side. 2. A hand pulling out an object on either side. 3. A hand holding an object between the fingers, coming in from above and then releasing the object, dropping it ... and other possibilities. Here you would have to be able to specify a path (from where should something be pushed in or pulled out?), how long should that take (time setting) and the delay afterwards (until the next activity takes place).
Allan 02/03/21 22:10
So after reading lots of messages on this , it seems it has been asked for for a while now , I have used some great soft ware that do this and some rubbish software that also does this , I just bought software from another competitor of yours , and now find myself cutting and mixing scenes from their software with a mix both hand gestures and sliding in to yours at drawing pictures, but also they draw as well you need to do this please
Allan 28/02/21 10:59
As a new user I think this is a great idea as others seem to have done this and it does make it easier, one particular software lets you bring the image by hand from left , right , top and bottom with or with out hand and the same as text to allow it to come in rather than drawn , would be fab.
Bernhard 24/02/21 10:06
Please add it!!!!!
Cy Sears 10/04/20 13:51
Yes please add this feature to slide in objects with hand or finger!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dushan missaka 17/04/20 16:41
Yes. Please add this
[email protected] 27/04/20 20:54
This is the most wanted feature please o it as quick as possible
Thomas Hartmann 08/05/20 08:21
Das Feature wäre sehr hilfreich! This feature would be great
Hossam ELsharif 29/05/20 14:14
This would add a great deal of VALUE to Doodly... it's really a "must-have" in the marketplace in order to be the leader.
Sergio Iriarte 28/06/20 12:21
I actually took it for granted that this option was available when I signed up for Doodly. Only draw or appear can make the video a bit boring. Having a hand placing a photo or a logo makes lot of sense.
Dirk Menzel 06/07/20 23:24
This would be a great extension! Some software just uses that, some just use the ways, Doodly does, but even none uses both!
Matthew Morizio 09/07/20 14:10
This would be a nice option.
Dewey Beene 11/08/20 05:26
Please add multiple ways to have an asset enter - stamp, slide in, bounce in, etc. There are a ton on options is presentation programs like Power Point and Keynote. Sometimes seeing an asset being drawn or fading in every time is just monotonous.
feng zhang 11/08/20 11:04
Genia Holsing 21/08/20 10:04
That would be a real game changer for us! Totally missing it for imported images like logos. mysimpleshow.com has this kind of effects, which I liked a lot. Would add great flexibility to the already great whiteboard animation tool. Waiting for it!
Sami Kamar 28/08/20 21:05
I asked for this idea also. We need this feature also.
Kalin Hristov 20/09/20 01:30
Hand effects are extremely useful, creating variety and a sense of better organization of the video . It would be great to have them!
A fernandes 20/09/20 10:48
good ideia do it
I kindly ask you to consider this feature, with that I can cancel my subscription at your main competitor. I will only be using Doodly! Yeah !!!
Laura Muth 06/11/20 23:57
Yes! This! Please!
Eric Simpson 11/11/20 15:08
Yes I also agree. I just presumed this would be a feature as it is on your competitors.
Dexx W 29/11/20 18:13
This (and other ways of placing and removing assets from the screen) are an absolute must in order to compete with Doodly's top animated video competing platforms.
Shalom Perl 29/11/20 21:44
more than that! pleeeeaaaase add hand effects like: snaping and Drag items / scenes with your finger!!!!!
Andrea 12/01/21 01:20
there isn't a way to have a hand push an object in? My other doodle software does that and it is really basic and not very good.
Werner 14/02/21 22:10
would be a great feature! Hope we will see it soon.
william arvai 04/03/21 14:46
I was just going to ask to add this, this was asked 2 years ago so sadly this feature request is useless
william arvai 04/03/21 14:47
they are more concerned with adding paid items in the marketplace. i bet i offer money for this it gets done in a day or 2
Berry Crawford 10/03/21 18:58
At least one of your competitors has this feature. Please, please add it,
Berry Crawford 10/03/21 18:59
Specifically I want to see a hand slide the text/image into the scene.
Allan 13/03/21 17:54
Does anyone know if this has moved on or being considered it more than just in these conversations would be a great feature to have . do we ever get any responses to the comments made ...
Allan 28/03/21 07:02
can i asked does anyone from admin read these as this seems to be a 2 year olde request and i see no comments from admin, either a yes or No would be a start,
Allan 06/04/21 10:08
has this moved on or are we still considering this
Marijke 20/04/21 13:52
As Allan asks: this idea is from two years ago and there is no response from Doodly at all ... Please respond to this request and tell us if you are going to add this or not and if so, in how much time (approximately)
manoj kumar 24/05/21 03:44
it will be really nice to have that feature
Zahid Moghal 03/06/21 14:42
Important feature please add
Thomas 10/06/21 09:10
That would be an innovative idea for Doodly videos, which I had suggested with another title („Combination of different hand techniques"), i.e. to combine the „writing and painting hand" with other hand techniques .... A hand pulling an object out on both sides. A hand holding an item between your fingers, coming in from above, then releasing the item, dropping it ... and other possibilities. Here you should be able to specify a route (from where should something be pushed in or pulled out?), How long should this take (time setting) and the delay afterwards (until the next activity takes place).
Haitham Shakroun 18/06/21 02:44
Yes, I vote for this, it's available in doodlymaker, I wonder how doodly doesn't have this feature.
Haitham Shakroun 07/07/21 00:43
It's available on videoscribe, and even doodlemaker, why you make life hard, this feature is pretty important.
Haitham Shakroun 13/07/21 01:21
I'm waiting for this update, should it take ages to be implemented? I'm still in the probation period.
Zahid Moghal 24/07/21 22:06
Hand placing item, morphing item, Appear from corner etc.
Robby Lann 21/08/21 00:45
This would be great, but wow, that would redesign the app to be an animation drawing app at its core. :-)
Ramon Aliro Ortiz R. 16/10/21 11:10
For me it would be great, it would make doodly the perfect complement in my portfolio of digital tools, it would serve me to make more fluent instructional videos and it would make me use it more