Text to Voice Issue
I saw the other Doodle software. This is a newborn baby against Doodly. It has the option that we will be able to prepare the videos with voice over text in different sounds like male & female with different languages and style of the required native language. In my business project which is associated with education, so I need it badly with Doodly. But it is unavailable yet. I don't want to switch the software due to this reason but Please consider I think most of the people want it on Doodly now. Check the stats of my request to raise upon your end on the support discussion. By the way I saw the discussion about it also at the support panel. So, it is my request by honour to you people that kindly add this feature in the Doodly ASAP.

Ejaz ur Rehman shared this idea 07/11/20 17:59
Admin 10/11/20 00:24
Hi There! A similar request has already been posted, please upvote and comment your thoughts here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/34/add-tts-tool