More tools to help us do more accurate work
There is a lack of options to make the job more accurate. for example: 1. There is the option to import images and trace them, but there is no option of smart identification of the chosen color in the image. (E.g .: there is only a black outline) If that was an feature, then, hypothetically, when you were trace it would mark only the chosen color, (by smart identification) even if you deviated slightly from the line towards the color of the drawing... 2. It is possible to add a zoom in and out effect, in my opinion it lacks 2 things that will make it more accurate: A. It is not possible to set how long the effect will appear in seconds on the timeline, now the tuning is done by intuition only. B. When I determine how much zoom I want to do it is also done by intuition and not by the ability to adjust its size or its position on the X, Y axis. 3. Same problem of 2 A. but on sound effect

Shalom Perl shared this idea 13/11/20 12:07