allow people to add assets to marketplace or free
because doodly imagines about 5 major marketplaces only (tutorials, whiteboards, ads, youtube etc), it has no clipart or designs that are Ethnic to the south east Asian topics we love, such as Yaksa Giants, Buddhas, Thai and Chinese Temples, ancient scrolls, nor the ability to import an asset. You could also have custom assets offered if you had a line of artists to make the main animation posture illustrations and vector paths to order, pricing as 'only i can use it' or 'cheaper because we will add it to the pubvlic asset library' Your lack of assets limits you to the three industries you have imagined, and cuts out thousands of niche industries such as thai buddhist amulets, occult, ruby and gem sales, and a thousand other genres i could imagine, such as Kung Fu and Thai Boxing studios. You need an asset library 1000 times larger than your silly clipart

Mr Spencer shared this idea 18/11/20 01:19