Need Paramedics
Greetings! I'm a paramedic educator. I need paramedic characters. Male, female, all ethnicities, in various dress uniforms, street uniforms, some with radios, some with bags and monitors, various emotions reflected... Also in various scenes such as the back of an ambulance, in a home, on a street, at a traffic accident... I found firefighters and an ambulance in front of the house, but I'm about to use Doodly for a whole bunch of paramedic eLearning videos. Can you give me more to work with please? Thank you! Chris

Christopher D. Hinton, MEd, NRP, FP-C shared this idea 21/11/20 06:52
Jason Brooks 01/03/21 17:57
I completely support this suggestion! Doodly has Firefighters and Police Officers, why can't you represent EMS as well?