Jon Oliver Last Week Tonight transition
Instead of a swipe, make it look like the canvas is infinitely large. move the current scene off at a slower speed than a swipe, but start the drawing animation of the new scene as it moves into frame.

Chuck shared this idea 10/12/18 00:20
Daniel Blomerus 20/12/18 22:37
Daniel Blomerus 20/12/18 22:39
Great Idea. Would be nice if you can then zoom in and out, have the hand move it like it was a piece of paper and you are drawing to the left, right, top, bottom, etc.
Philip Alston 26/01/19 13:14
Yes please, as a new user the limited transitions is one of the weaker areas of what appears a very good product. The idea of being able to make it look as if you are navigating around a larger piece of real estate gets my vote.