Provide ability to flag assets as "favorites" or "hidden"
Some assets will be used more frequently than other to maintain consistent use or representation of various things. Knowing which ones I have used in the past and allowing a filter to only show those favorites would help reduce what I have to paw through if I can't remember the right phrase/name to search on. Additionally, ability to hide assets I would never use (Blackberry logo, really???). Thanks!

Michael Price shared this idea 10/12/18 04:05
David Crellen 09/01/19 22:02
David Crellen 09/01/19 22:03
At least provide a project "storage shelf" to store assets to be reused in a different scene of the same project
Francine Millman 19/01/19 19:21
Favorites – It would be nice to be able to save the various components (Characters, Props, Sounds, etc) as Favorites – with a Tab called Favorites for easy access. Add a Favorites "star" to each asset and when someone clicks the star, it adds it to a Favorites tab (by category), would be great.
Rebecca Reid 05/02/19 23:46
Yes, organizing assets would make a huge difference in ability to find what I need and ignore what I never will use in my educational videos.
Shelley R Stephen 14/02/21 13:47
Some sort of way to mark assets would be great. Perhaps a way to tag items ourselves so we can find them. I hate searching for things as the search engine tags never seem to match what I think.
James Earp 15/03/21 19:00
Voted - this makes sense with such large libraries of options