Copy draw paths from one identically dimensioned asset (height & width in pixels) to another
Scenario: 1. You create a custom piece of art and import it into Doodly—black & white line art, for example. 2. You take the time to create intricate draw paths to achieve a high quality animation of the art being drawn. 3. You later decide to create a coloured version of the artwork, identically dimensioned—same width and height, in pixels, as the original black & white version. 4. You would like to import it into Doodly as a new asset and not have to go through the process of recreating the intricate draw paths. 5. SOLUTION! (Feature request)...you import the new version of the asset into Doodly and can choose to copy the draw paths from the original to the new version. 6. After that's done, you could optionally add new draw paths to the new asset if it contains some new elements that are outside the paths of the original asset. Note: You can already add new paths to an existing asset in Doodly, so this Step 6 is already taken care of. This feature would also be great for creating different versions of an asset, such as a logo, and having identical draw paths for each version—versions such as: B&W; full colour; spot colour; reversed; etc.

Rob Smith shared this idea 10/12/18 05:14