Alignment tools (like those that are in Microsoft Office PowerPoint)
Alignment tools that would align and snap objects to other objects in the scene. (without having to use the grid)

Ben Schminke shared this idea 06/12/20 15:39
Pat Langille 07/12/20 16:19
Yes, it can be done. But here's what it takes to align a series of text objects: (1) make all objects behind them 0% opacity (click on object, click on settings wheel, click on opacity box, change to zero, tab out of field, save, X however many objects are layered under my text, usually at least 2), (2) show grid, (3) eyeball the text relative to each other, understanding that the different letters don't all touch the grid lines in the same way; (4) make multiple tiny adjustments till it looks right; (5) reverse the opacity settings and hope that in the process I haven't accidentally nudged anything out of place. It's very time consuming. I don't know how difficult it is to create snap to grid, but this is one of my very top needs. I design training videos for my company and there are a lot of times when I have to put up a whiteboard object and do Powerpoint-style bullet points on it.
Admin 08/12/20 00:23
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Anele 20/04/21 12:01
Guys seriously, it's 2021 and the alignment tool is not ready! you should really start listening to the users! There isnt a single designer in the planet that doest use the alignment function, come on, chop chop, thats been waiting for 2 years alerady!