Word Wrap
We need to have text entry such that it will wrap within defined boundary input box size.

Mark Moctezuma shared this idea 18/10/18 19:53
George ONeal 31/10/18 16:47
Richard Farrester 01/11/18 20:38
Yes, please!
Royce Bell 07/11/18 23:55
Jose Manuel Millan 08/11/18 20:02
Yes very important
John J Deltuvia Jr 02/12/18 14:26
I like this idea, but only if there's an option to still use the method that exists, combined with an option to center.
Salman Khan 04/12/18 19:13
I believe this is an important feature. As we create a text based video we always need to use the return/enter bar every time and that too not helping much. Since it doesn't show the real wrap or alignment. Thank you for considering.
Rob Allen 04/12/18 19:29
pretty important for my stuff
Richard Duane Gryder 07/12/18 02:07
This is at least needed as an important option
Marie Egyed 13/12/18 14:07
Alicia Hirschhorn 25/12/18 18:52
Being a poet,I need this capability,can I choose from many fonts?
Sonia Veelenturf 27/12/18 05:52
Francine Millman 19/01/19 18:34
Yes, yes, YES1
hassan 05/02/19 05:33
Yes, this will be very helpfull
Mark McNett 06/02/19 05:50
It's time consuming and frustrating trying to size each line and make it "fit" in the area desired. With word-wrap this can be made much easier.
Nick Felton 11/02/19 22:48
Definitely yes
John Tovar 17/03/19 20:37
Any update on this new feature?
Matt Thomas 22/05/19 19:40
One of the places I plan to be using Doodly is in my language classes. Being able to display text is crucial, as one might suppose. Word wrap really is a necessity.
Steve 01/12/20 01:07
Thanks for the word wrap
Chris 28/01/21 02:23
yasmin 12/02/21 17:41