Voice-over creation positioning
Currently, the + sign for the voice-over creation is only visible in the first scene. If you are working on scene 30 and you want to create a voice-over for this scene, you first have to move to scene 1 to find the '+' sign, it opens the recording but you can't move it to scene 30 where you have the content about which you want to create a voice-over. Even if you know the content you want to include in the voice-over, you have to move it to scene 30. Really this is not very usable. Suggestion: When you want to create a voice-over the software should allow you to position first where you want it to start and activate the recording function. I did see many features about attaching the voice-over recording to a particular location on the scene timeline and keep it fixed there. Both this feature + that feature to attach voice-over to the scene it is meant for, would be a great improvement of the software. As currently whenever you change a minor timing the whole voice-over de-synchronizes. I hope this get is the software a.s.a.p. Many thanks Friendly greetings Eric

Eric shared this idea 10/12/20 13:25