Ability to customize image upload folders
Doodly contains a custom space for characters and a second for assets. This allows for limited organization. It would be awesome if, in addition, there was a customizable folder-type setup for our image assets, somewhat like what you've built to sort our projects. It would make it much easier to handle large numbers of custom images. Envision changing 'my library' under the categories menu to read 'my libraries' for both characters and assets, and giving us a few folders beneath. Bonus points if we can name those folders. :D As an example of how this would be used, I would put slide background images in a sub-folder, nature photos in a sub-folder, and I would use a folder for each brand identity I work with.

Chris Terai shared this idea 11/12/20 22:41
Admin 12/12/20 00:19
https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/208/provide-ability-to-flag-assets-as-favorites-or-hidden - Please submit a vote here and include additional details in the comments.